Coated products

Different methods are used from the material development and production to the surface application of highly sophisticated client components.

GXC has developed cost-effective and reliable coating processes with a high degree of automation. The goal is to manufacture thin functional surfaces with high long-term stability without substantially affecting the basic properties of the original surface. Moreover, products obtain new additional properties or functions, whether through a perfect gloss, greater chemical resistance or weather resistance, improved scratch resistance or easy cleaning - to name just a few possible options for functional surfaces with GXC.

GXC Coatings has an extensive technology portfolio of wet-chemical coating processes to realize a multitude of customer requirements in serial production. The proprietary coating systems offer optimal performance and are a cost-effective basis for customized solutions.

With many years of experience and high quality equipment - which includes robotic manufacturing facilities in cleanroom - and special patent protected processes, GXC Coatings is unique within the industry for its quality standards for functional surfaces.

GXC Coatings

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