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GXC Coatings was founded in the year 2000 in Goslar/Germany and is an innovative and fast growing high-tech company for functional surface modifications.

We develop and manufacture functional coating materials based on nanotechnology and apply these coatings on plastics, glass and metal surfaces. Major functionalities include anti-fog, scratch resistance, hardcoat, easy-to-clean, self-cleaning and anti-fingerprint. The quality and appearance of the surfaces coated by GXC is substantially upgraded and will remain so in the long term.   

GXC Coatings combines chemistry with product development and process engineering resulting in new, intelligent products that were previously unthinkable. Our customers benefit from increased security, perfect appearance, high energy efficiency, quality and user comfort.

GXC is active in growth markets such as the automotive industry, electric vehicles, autonomous driving, optical sensor technology, renewable energy, consumer electronics, household appliances and medical technology.


GXC Coatings

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