Toll coating services

Toll coating for industrial customers is one of the main fields of business for GXC. If coatings does not belong to a customer’s core business or the volumes do not justify an investment, GXC offers toll-coating services for small to large volume product series. In the past years, millions of functional parts for various end markets have been coateg at GXC.

Technical possibilities of GXC application facilities

  • Highly efficient and reliable coating processes on 4 industrial coating lines
  • Application of a variety of wet chemical coating methods (spraying, flooding, dipping and spin coating) for complex 2D and 3D geometries, also with undercuts
  • Masking parts to keep clear the adhesive edges or other areas of the component
  • Thermal and UV crosslinking of the coatings
  • Special tool design and construction
  • Proven partnerships with injection moulders and glass manufacturers

GXC Coatings

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